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Perfect Data Entry provides speedy and efficient data management solutions at competitive prices. Whether you need fast and accurate data entry or have a complex coding or designing assignment, our team of dedicated professionals will take care of it. By partnering with us, you’ll gain an entire back office team to support your business, at a far lower cost than hiring full-time employees. Our team maintains a diverse skill set, including data entry professionals, software engineers, graphic and database designers, SEO specialists, Google analysts and virtual assistants. Whatever you need help with, we can get it done.

We have over a decade of experience inhelping clients, including Fortune 500 companies, manage their data and other back-office tasks. Our team, made of highly qualified professionals,shares the burden of your work and leaves you free to shape your company. Our experts, with hands-on experience in their relevant fields, are always available to solve potential problems and support your needs. We aim to provide quality services that lead to satisfied clients.

When there is Perfect, why settle for less?

Our Location


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Bradenton, FL, 34203
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Our global offices are based in India, the Philippines, and the United States. Because we have an international workforce, you have access to our team any time of day. You also take advantage of both lower labor costs and the peace of mind that comes with working with an American company.

  • 5,000 square feet of office space located in Surat, Pune, and Solapur.If your project requires more staff, we can quickly double our space to meet your needs.
  • US-Based Marketing department to answer your questions in plain English.
  • Dedicated storage space for client projects and reserved space for new client

Hardware Equipments

When you work with us, your back office team will have access to the latest in equipment. We work with fully upgraded computers, high-speed printers and scanners, and secure servers. You can be confident that you project will be done quickly and on machines that are compatible with the newest technology.

  • 50 workstationsfeaturing top-notch firewalls and the latest antivirus software
  • High-speed laser printers and scanners
  • Windows NT servers

Work Force

Perfect Data Entry employs more than 300 people in a diverse array of fields. Our staff includes virtual assistants, graphic designers, software engineers, and more. Each of our professionals is highly skilled, speaks English, and has technical experience in their field. By working with us, you gain access to our entire team to help grow your business.

  • Highly experienced and skilled professionals
  • Reach us 24/7. Even our top executives can be reached by phone 24/7
  • Dedicated training and support staffs to ensure your project is completed with the highest quality.

Communication and Data transfer channels

We know you need to be able to communicate quickly and easily with everyone who works for you. That is why communicating with Perfect Data Entry is just as easy as talking to someone in the same building. We can be reached via email, chat, phone, or video conferencing at any time of day. Additionally, we maintain a fast internet connection in each of our offices, so there is no worry of lag.

  • At least two dedicated high speed internet linesat each office, as well as cable, and DSL internet backup to prevent disconnection.
  • Multiple modes of online communication, including video conferencing, email and chat. If you prefer telephone conferences, that is available as well.
  • FTP for fast and secure large data transfers