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The appearance of an eCommerce site can be more of a decisive factor for your customers than your actual products. The design for an eCommerce platform should allow for easier navigation and provide all the relevant information needed by the customer at a quick glance.

Failure to do so can be what dissuades your prospects from becoming your clients. In fact, a recent study suggested that bounce back rates for sites with inadequate information were higher. This only proves that the way in which your store chooses to share this information has an influence on customer impressions and google search rankings.

Hence, designing a perfect eCommerce product data sheet should be the fundamental responsibility of any eCommerce organization.

Ecommerce Product Data Sheet

What is the Product Data Sheet?

A product data-sheet, aka product information sheet, is basically a document that gathers all the technical information needed from a product like component, application, and its benefits.

Honestly, there is an array of product data sheet designs to choose from, and it can all be pretty confusing. Our job with this article is to make your decision-making process easier. We will help you choose a product information sheet design that not only changes the appeal of your store but also provides your customers with all the key information they need regarding a particular product.

What Makes a Perfect Product Data Sheet?

While creating content for your eCommerce site, you can divide the content into two categories.

  • Improved Content
  • Essential Content

All your content needs to be particularly enriched to give it a chance to resonate with your customers. This includes enrichment in terms of technical practicality, as well as search engine optimization.

While categorizing your content into improved and essential, make sure you take your competitor’s site into consideration. Find out what they have in common with your store, and what is lacking in their store that could probably help you design the perfect product information sheet. Your focus should be on four key factors while designing the sheet.

  • Information
  • Clarity
  • Personalization
  • Original touch

Essential Content in Your Store

Here is a list of information that can be extremely crucial for your business.

  • Product Name
  • Outstanding image of your product
  • Price
  • Product options
  • SKU
  • Description
  • Stock
  • Number of units
  • Delivery time
  • Shipping costs
  • User reviews
  • Product warranty
  • Delivery options

Enriched Content

Here is a list of information that can enhance the look of your store.

  • Zoom Option
  • Good quality images
  • Images that show products in use.
  • Guide to product sizes
  • Feature bullet list
  • Precise title
  • Well written product description
  • Recommended ages
  • Recommendation for use, washing, caring
  • User reviews and ratings
  • SEO

You can also use complementary features to really hit the message home, such as:

  • Quick view function
  • 360-degree images or mini videos
  • Indexed images with information

3 Tips to Increase Conversion with your Product Information Sheet

The following tips can help you boost your eCommerce sales.

1. Easy Payment and Clear Shipping Information

The economics of your store are the factors that will either make or break your store. As such, information like easy payments and clear shipping information needs to be present in your eCommerce store, as well as your product data-sheet. Providing this information allows you to offer security to your users, which can go miles in improving the goodwill of your business.

2. Use Social networks

The social media platforms of today are goldmines of potential customers coming from all walks of life. Hence, it is essential to keep the social network buttons on your site active. This will increase engagement about your business, and keep the conversation going.

3. Be creative with the information you provide.

Remember, it will be the users that will read the information on your site and not bots. Hence, write content that speaks to them. Try to mix emotional, educational, and informational content together to better hook your customers. This will help you in better brand positioning.

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