Career Opportunities with Perfect Data Entry

If data entry is your cup of tea, then you will feel right at home with us. Perfect Data Entry is always on a lookout for competent, sharp and agile data entry professionals who have the skill and expertise required to deal with the overwhelming load of data management. The contractors who work with us, do so from the comfort of their respective abodes. You are your own boss, and work in your own time. So all you need is a good system, a fast internet connection and a penchant for data entry.

Requirements to Work With Us

We require our independent contractors to atleast possess 1 – 3 years of strong data entry experience. You also need to have a typing speed of 15000 keystrokes per hour.

You will be dealing with oodles of crucial data belonging to our clients. Most of this information is confidential. Therefore you will be required to go through an intensive background check consisting of vetting for past criminal records before you get onboard with us.

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Your performance will be assessed on accuracy, attention to detail and overall productivity. As such, you will be compensated on per document or per entry basis, rates will vary from project to project.

A word of caution, Although delving into data entry is a good career path & opportunity as a side gig, it is also extremely challenging and frustrating. So if you believe you’ve got what it takes to carve yourself a good niche in this profession then register yourself on our portal with your credentials today.