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Many factors come into play when making a successful online store. The inept application of even one of these aspects can result in an incompetently designed store that struggles to convert those that drop by its virtual threshold.We are talking about factors like user-friendly design, excellent customer support, and competitive prices, all of which work together in enhancing the appeal of your store to promising prospects. A store devoid of any of these crucial aspects will shrug customers away, and you do not want something like that to happen to your store.Therefore, it is extremely crucial to learn how you can optimize your store to reap maximum benefits from it. Now there are many eCommerce stores out there that need lessons in optimizing. For the sake of this article, we will focus our attention on woo-commerce store.

Please note that the tips we give here can be applied to other popular eCommerce platforms as well (more or less).

So without much further ado, let’s discuss the five ways in which you can completely optimize your woo-commerce store.

Woo-commerce Store

Compress and Resizing your Images

Pictures speak louder than words; this is especially true when talking about eCommerce stores. Think about it for a second; what is the first thing that grabs your eyeballs when surfing through an online store? It’s obviously the images. Pictures contribute to the aesthetic appeal of a store more than the written text on a page.

High-quality shots of products are a mandatory requirement for any e-store. However, high-quality shots mean big file sizes; this can increase the loading time of your website – which is a major reason for high bounce back rates today. Hence, compressing and resizing images will help you decrease the overall file size of an image without having to compromise on its quality.
There are various plug-ins available for woo commerce that help you with the task of resizing and compression of images.

Clean up your database regularly

Your woo-commerce platform stores a lot of data on a regular basis. This includes data pertaining to images, content, user comments, and other stuff that is futile and only ends up lagging your entire system. In such a scenario, it is crucial to ensure that you clean your database on a regular basis. There are many woo commerce plug-ins that conveniently help you in cleaning and maintaining the hygiene of your data.


The distance between your visitors and your server is a determining factor in the loading speed of your eCommerce store. The larger the distance, the longer it will take for a website to load. The best way to tackle this issue head-on is by using CDN. CDN’s store copies of a website across various data centers around the world. Then, when someone tries to open your site, it will redirect them to the nearest copy of the site, thus substantially reducing the loading speed of your site.

Set Up a Solution for Cache.

One more thing you can do for your store, along with using a CDN, is setting up a cache solution. With this, your visitors don’t have to load your website every time they visit it. You might be under the impression that a CDN is enough to decrease your site’s loading time; however, even the best CDN’s have evidently fallen short in the past. Hence, do yourself a favor and set up a cache solution in conjunction with a CDN for the best results.

Using a Solid Word Press Hosting Provider

If you’re handling a woo-commerce store, then you need a reputed word press hosting provider to handle the traffic that comes with operating a store on woo-commerce store. A hosting plan that cannot cope with sudden surges in traffic will crash and cause losses in both time and money. Hence, make an investment in a solid word press hosting provider. It will be worth it.

The Bottom Line

The above tips, if implemented, diligently have the power of turning your store into an overnight success. Now for some, the very implementation of the above tips may sound like a choir, and we get it. An entrepreneur has a lot on his plate that equally demands his/her attention. For them, outsourcing a woo-commerce product data entry service is a wiser option. Third-party data entry service providers take care of all of your e-commerce woes like image resizing, database cleansing, etc., thus allowing you to focus on other core areas of your business.

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