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Shopify, with its easy to use interface, is probably one of the most conveniently designed eCommerce platforms out there. It has literally made affluent entrepreneurs out of paupers coming out from all walks of life. However, even these entrepreneurs will testify to how complicated and difficult to manage and populate the store can be.

If you have the tools, resources, and expertise required to manage the store, then your ship will sail smoothly. If you lack even one of the above-mentioned attributes, then your store is as good as dead on arrival.

There is hope, however, and it comes in the form of offshore data entry services that offer outsourced Shopify product data entry services to ease the burden that many Shopify data entry owners go through.

So without much further ado, let us look at how exactly a data entry company helps a Shopify store owner in need.

Shopify Product Data Entry Services

Adding and Updating Products

Populating your Shopify store can be a tedious process, especially when you have thousands of products to deal with. You also cannot afford to commit any mistakes in this department, as this can severely diminish the quality of your eCommerce store. Third-party service providers can aid in adding products and also updating your store with new inventory as and when required.

Product Categorization

If adding products wasn’t enough, you also have to work hard on categorizing each product according to the features that define them. You can’t allow a women’s dress showing up in the men’s section. Categorizing helps your customers navigate your store with much ease, and avoid any confusion whatsoever. Thankfully, data entry service providers are up to the task when it comes to sifting products according to their respective categories.

Edit / Upload Images

Images add to the visual appeal of your store. Hence, it is crucial to upload high-resolution images that also comply with the platform’s rules and regulations. Third-party service providers are aware of all such formalities and have the necessary tools required to edit, crop, compress, and upload images that complement the aesthetics of your Shopify store.

Product Description Writing

Your product description should be compelling and informative enough to persuade your customers to click on the ‘purchase’ or ‘add to cart’ button. A strong product description should cover the product’s features, its USP’s and the benefits and offers the customer can avail from purchasing it on your store alone. Description writing requires the proficiency that is often found in the writers that come with outsourcing data entry services.

Upsell and Cross-Sell Management

Many third-party service providers are adept in using upsell and cross-sell features to list popular and related products. This can help monumentally in boosting the sales of your store.

24/7 Support

Running an eCommerce store also requires you to be promptly interactive with your existing and potential customers. You can expect your customers to bombard your chat box with concerns, queries, and questions that need to be addressed as soon as possible. With outsourcing, you are able to get a virtual assistant to help you in responding to your customers while strengthening the goodwill of your store.

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