5 Services You Didn't Know Your Company Could Outsource

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If you think that outsourcing can be a way to help reduce the cost of your business, then focus on what you do best and take advantage of dedicated experts who take care of your non-core functions, you might be right. However, if you think IT and data entry are the only options for outsourcing, think again.

Outsourcing opportunities have expanded dramatically in the last few decades, and according to Financial Services COO Tom, changes in the business community have led to that expansion.

“What has happened in the last 25 years is that companies’ perceptions of ‘core’ functions have changed dramatically,” says experts. As the number of jobs seen as essential has decreased, so have the opportunities for outsourcing.

“Ten years ago, HR was the key,” an expert says. “Now, outsourcing of human resources.”

Below are five jobs that many may not have outsourced but are already happening:

1. Transportation services

Although the municipality or other public entity usually operates public transport, most government officials are not experts in toll collection and photo application services.

Many companies have partnered with transportation agencies to name some of the most unique and exciting outsourcing services available.

An example is the advanced parking system developed by the LA Expresspark, Xerox, and the Los Angeles Department of Transportation. The technique combines technology and price on demand to provide parking space, reduce traffic congestion and reduce air pollution.

2. Employee perception

Many jobs are under the HR umbrella, but the staff and benefits management is often seen as outsourcing centers. In addition, companies are now expanding the role of outsourcing, even in human resources.

“At HR, we’re not just about hiring. We’re about employee retention and rewards,” says an expert. It includes communicating to ensure that employees fully understand their benefits.

“When you see the economy improving and the unemployment rate falling, you’ll see more innovative ways to retain workers,” experts added.

3. Communication marketing services

Along with marketing, Another trend in outsourcing is the field of revenue generation. Xerox, for example, helps Morrison, one of the largest grocery chains in the UK, manage in-store customer communications, handling print content for hundreds of stores per week.

Xerox handles the entire campaign management and marketing materials delivery process and has an on-site advisory team of print and buyer experts to ensure consistent quality. Furthermore, Xerox connects stakeholders to the overall progress with a web-based collaborative workflow tool that tracks the issues and costs of each campaign.

4. Healthcare

Navigating the healthcare system is a challenge, significantly when facilitating communication between insurance companies, the government, and healthcare providers. Therefore, it is good that there are experts out there to promote the service through outsourcing.

“We look to move away from our traditional ways of processing claims for a more integrated solution between healthcare providers, the government, and insurance companies,” says the expert. “Service providers have more and more online solutions that lend themselves entirely to outsourcing.”

5. Mortgage measures

Outsourcing also goes a long way in tackling challenging social issues such as helping homeowners at risk.

“One of the new areas is mortgaging and helping homeowners stay in their homes rather than evicting them,” says Blodgett. “We’re helping to advise and design a way to connect people with their underwater mortgage people.”

The outsourcing service has gone beyond the print set from owning a home to managing on-demand parking lots. As companies and organizations evolve on their own, there will be opportunities to outsource more jobs, allowing companies to focus more on providing their core services to customers.

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