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Data Processing Services

For in-house teams, data entry becomes more of a hassle. It takes days to complete one project, and the constant mistakes make it hard to keep up with everything. The cost of data processing is too high, and it’s time-consuming to handle all the data processing in-house. With the increasing data volume, it’s difficult to maintain data accuracy with in-house teams. 

With Perfect Data Entry, you can save on salary and overhead costs, while still getting top-quality data processing services. Our high-quality data entry outsourcing solutions are faster and more cost-effective than any in-house solution. With Perfect Data Entry, there’s no need to worry about the accuracy or security of your data because we have years of experience in this field.

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Reliable & Affordable Data Processing Services $7/hour

Scalable Data Process Outsourcing @ $7/hour

Free your teams to focus on the strategic tasks of your business. Our dedicated, highly trained team takes on your data entry needs with optimal accuracy and fast results, no matter the volume.

Data Mining

  • Perfect Data Entry meticulously reviews data from websites, databases, text files, anything to ensure it matches your company’s requirements best and is also accurate to process.

Data Cleansing

  • Having data sets including a lot of duplicated, incomplete, missing, or discrepant information is a pain for any organization and even more so for those doing business with those organizations. Therefore, our team will remove all duplicate, incorrect, incomplete, or discrepant information.

Image Processing

  • We specialized in creating databases with information obtained from photo scanning. We include feature extraction, color adjustment, feature extraction, scaling and cropping, image matching and registration, and photo cleaning services. It also does 3D visualization, image mosaicking, and image recognition.

Form Processing

  • We transform paper-based documents into electronic ones to ensure accuracy then store and retrieve your data. It analyzes paperwork like car insurance policies, rental agreements, warranties, guarantees, product registrations, rental and lease agreements, medical records, reservation, contact, payment, claims, and customer service.

Market Research Form Processing

  • Perfect Data Entry combines storage formatting, comprehensive research, and in-depth analysis to help you improve business decisions. In addition, we create searchable data entries that will assist you in strategy development.

Survey Processing

  • Perfect Data Entry offers clients to print, mail, and reporting options as well as statistical reporting and survey data entry to help companies analyze trends, measure productivity, and feedback.

Transaction Processing

  • Our experts help your company manage everything from financial transactions to payroll orders and claims processes. We specialize in order processing, claims processing, loan processing, and financial transaction processing.

Data Duplication

  • Our superior data processing methods can merge duplicates, delete unwanted information, and integrate current data for a cleaner, user-friendly database for businesses overwhelmed with too much data.

Check Processing

  • Perfect Data Entry check processing service provides you with streamlined check processing to improve your organization’s revenue and at the same time, decrease operational expenses.

Mailing List Compilation Services

  • We help companies effectively manage, process, generate, and clean their mailing lists for better organization and efficiency. We will also perform manual and automated sorting, including database field replacement, the addition of/removal of database fields, and records insertion or removal. Data manipulation and database formatting are performed as well.

Order Processing

  • Use Perfect Data Entry order processing to manage inventory and save money. Our system inputs customer orders, assign them, collects orders, pays for shipping, processes returns, and keeps your customers’ information up to date.

Credit Card Processing

  • We offer a wide range of credit card processing functions, including billing, account verification and settlement, cash management, payment/e-payment processing, and fraud detection.

Powered by Talented Teams

Hire our team of experts and professionals who have a substantial amount of experience in the data entry industry. All of your data related tasks are handled by our team with proficiency and delivered on time.

We keep you operating at maximum efficiency

We provide you with more than just clerks; we supply college-educated and fully trained professionals who check and recheck every detail, gathering the data, forms, and documentation required to close the contract in a speedy, efficient, and cost-effective manner.


Perfect Data Entry is ready to handle all of your company’s backend needs. From small tasks to large projects, we are prepared to deliver. No job is too small or large for us.

Affordable Pricing

Our rates are competitively priced and designed to greatly ease the burden on your pockets. You can save up to 30-59% on your operation costs, thus raising your profits.

Advanced Technology

By partnering with Perfect Data Entry for your data management needs. yo get access to the latest and advanced data management technology to execute your task efficiently.

Skilled Workforce

Grow your company with a 300+ team of skilled data experts that support your business . With Perfect Data Entry, even the smallest business can hire a large team.

24/7 Customer Service

We work 27 x 7 days all your round. When you collaborate with us. we guarantee to deliver the output your desire within the promised and mutually agreed upon turn around time.

Processing in Large Volumes

Our staff of experienced professionals are adapt at handling large overwhelming volumes of data with ease. thus helping improve your business’s productivity and efficiency.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We are incorporated in Florida, United States, and have a team of global professionals at our office locations in the U.S., India, and the Philippines.

Yes, absolutely. We can work directly on your system by using TeamViewer or similar software.

Our dedicated professionals get on the tasks as soon as we have the requirements from your side. Plus we are open for service 24/7, which allows us to deliver before the set deadline.

We have a team of over 300 data entry professionals in both the U.S. and India. If you have any kind of preference as to where the work will be done, just let us know. We’re more than happy to accommodate your preference.

We will consider all projects, regardless of size. Naturally we prefer ongoing projects but will also undertake one-time projects of size.

Yes! Many businesses, including printing services and web development companies, use us for data entry outsourcing. If you are interested in reseller services, then please let us know.We will be more than happy to provide you with a large volume discount.

We’re committed to providing high-quality data entry services that are also affordable. Our prices range from $2.5/hr to $15/hr. The average customer typically pays $5/hr. To give you an accurate price quote, we need to know whether you are interested in ongoing monthly work or just aone-time assignment. We also need to know what kind of help you need, how many hours the job will take, and whether do you want to work with assistants located in the U.S.or India.

For information specific to your needs, please fill out the price request form and we will call you right away with a competitive price quote. Be assured that our pricing is among the lowest in the industry.

To keep your data secure and confidential, we have state-of-the-art 128-bit encryption security software. We have stringent screening processes for all data entry specialists we work with, and our agreement has a standard confidentiality clause.

At Perfect Data Entry, we are committed to providing the highest level of support to our valued customers. We provide customer support over a range of different platforms, including by email, Skype chat,and phone. You choose which platform is most convenient for you!

At Perfect Data Entry, we know that satisfied customers are the foundation of every business. That’s why we provide a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. There is a reason why we are considered one of the top data entry service providers in the industry. We’ll continue to work until you’re happy with the quality of our services









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We were swarmed with paperwork, so much so that we were positive that our firm would crash before it even grew any legs. Luckily, Perfect Data Entry came to our rescue and data management isn’t something that bothers us anymore.

Kate Kintore
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Been using their service for a year now, and I’ve not had one single excuse to complain. Simply perfection.

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—was recommended the services by a friend. It seems to be very rare these days that a company has integrity, as well as delivers fast quality service, and is dedicated and fair to their clients. These are the just a few of the words I would use to define Perfectdataentry.

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I would definitely Work with Perfectdataentry again and highly recommend their services to others, you will be more than satisfied.

Morgan E. Jolly
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I am completely satisfied by the quality of work provided. They are incredibly competent in their abilities and have made incredible improvements. I will definitely continue to work with them for all …..

Opal W. Porter

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