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No Upfront Payment – Fast 24 hours Turnaround!

Hire Administrative Virtual Assistant

Are you finding difficulty in completing the tasks marked in your calendar? If your answer is yes, then you need to avail the administrative virtual assistant services from our Perfect Data Entry which helps you to complete your responsibilities on time. Since our administrative virtual assistants are great initiators, proactive and enthusiastic, you can remit your daily worries to them. They are capable of handling your confidential tasks with diplomacy.

By utilizing our administrative virtual assistant, you can have more free and valuable time to concentrate on other significant tasks. Our administrative virtual assistants are fluent in English, well versed with virtual assistant tools, and are dexterous in calendar management. Our services will help you to streamline your groggy schedule quickly.

Your workload and regular management of administrative works become difficult when your business grows. Contact us today!

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How can a virtual assistants help?

Free your teams to focus on the strategic tasks of your business. Our dedicated, highly trained team takes on your administrative virtual assistant needs with optimal accuracy and fast results, no matter the volume.

Tele Marketing

Administrative Assistance

Data Entry

Bookkeeping and Accounting

Email Management

Customer Support

Online Research

Social Tasks


Data Management

Market research

Allows you to research your customer and understand what other companies and competitors offer. Useful for getting feedback about the product or service that is being sold. Builds a better understanding of the market and potential risks.

Travel Arrangement

Take the hassle out of your business trips with our virtual assistants to plan your travel itinerary. They’ll book flights, hotels, rental cars, bookings for meetings or training sessions. Save time and let our assistants do all the work for you remotely, so you can focus on other things while you’re travelling.

Appointment Setting

Get all your permissions, appointments, and contracts signed without leaving your desk! Virtual administrative assistants will set confirmed appointments with prospective clients to make sure the best closers are reaching out to them. Your team has more time to do what they do best.

Curating Industry Reports

Get a comprehensive report on the industry of your expertise. Understand recent trends and market behavior. Be more informed about your managerial decisions.


Have you ever wished for a virtual assistant to do mundane tasks for you? Voice recordings are transcribed to text in formats such as verbatim, summarized, or just the gist. The benefits of using this service include accuracy, affordability, and convenience.

Report Creation & Presentation

Get custom reports for everyone in your company – from the CEO to the intern. Generate reports for any budget – large, small, or in-between. Our virtual assistant will handle presentation aspects like layout, formatting, and graphics so you don’t have to worry about it.

Handling basic HR duties

Hire a VA to take care of HR-related tasks. Not just recruitment, but also admin related activities. The best thing is that you can do anything while our VA handles your day-to-day HR needs.

Managing Inbox

Let our Virtual Assistant help with your inbox queries. Get support with responding to customer inquiries without any hassle. Fewer distractions, more time for you.

Data Processing

We all have a lot on our plate and we know you don’t have the time to do the tedious data processing that your business needs. That’s why we offer fast, reliable Administrative VAs that will help you with your data processing needs.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing is one of the most effective ways to grow your business these days, but it can be expensive and difficult to manage. That’s why our Administrative VA’s are here for you. We take care of all your sending needs so you can focus on your business while we take care of your marketing.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is a great way to increase online visibility and spread awareness for your product/services. Our team of VA’s will help you each step of the way. Our VA’s are there for you from the design phase to the actual marketing work.

Website Handling

Hassle-free website management. Let us do the stuff you don’t want to & focus on what drives your business forward. Save time, resources, and energy. Let our virtual assistants handle your website’s blog, content, and SEO.

How It Works

Getting started is the easiest thing you’ll do today.


Start a Conversation

Call or fill the form with your needs. Based on the skill sets needed, our system will assign dedicated project manager who will get in touch with you and schedule a Google meet with our entire team.


Meet Your Team

Your project manager will introduce you to our sales team and operations team (team member, QC manager, etc). If your project needs multiple skillsets (e.g. social media, data entry, web development, etc.) then you will meet each one of your team members. These are the guys who will be helping you to transform your vision into reality.

3 Start FREE Trial

We understand that you might be reluctant to commit to our service without trying it first. That is why we are offering you a free trial so that you can see how our service works for yourself.

4 Manage & Scale

Since the inception of our company, we’ve been working with companies who need to scale up or down their teams.

We believe that our business model will be an excellent fit for your needs since we have a large team of 300+ virtual assistants available to manage your workload.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are incorporated in Florida, United States, and have a team of global professionals at our office locations in the U.S., India, and the Philippines.

Yes, absolutely. We can work directly on your system by using TeamViewer or similar software.

Our dedicated professionals get on the tasks as soon as we have the requirements from your side. Plus we are open for service 24/7, which allows us to deliver before the set deadline.

We have a team of over 300 data entry professionals in both the U.S. and India. If you have any kind of preference as to where the work will be done, just let us know. We’re more than happy to accommodate your preference.

We will consider all projects, regardless of size. Naturally we prefer ongoing projects but will also undertake one-time projects of size.

Yes! Many businesses, including printing services and web development companies, use us for data entry outsourcing. If you are interested in reseller services, then please let us know.We will be more than happy to provide you with a large volume discount.

We’re committed to providing high-quality data entry services that are also affordable. Our prices range from $2.5/hr to $15/hr. The average customer typically pays $5/hr. To give you an accurate price quote, we need to know whether you are interested in ongoing monthly work or just aone-time assignment. We also need to know what kind of help you need, how many hours the job will take, and whether do you want to work with assistants located in the U.S.or India.

For information specific to your needs, please fill out the price request form and we will call you right away with a competitive price quote. Be assured that our pricing is among the lowest in the industry.

To keep your data secure and confidential, we have state-of-the-art 128-bit encryption security software. We have stringent screening processes for all data entry specialists we work with, and our agreement has a standard confidentiality clause.

At Perfect Data Entry, we are committed to providing the highest level of support to our valued customers. We provide customer support over a range of different platforms, including by email, Skype chat,and phone. You choose which platform is most convenient for you!

At Perfect Data Entry, we know that satisfied customers are the foundation of every business. That’s why we provide a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. There is a reason why we are considered one of the top data entry service providers in the industry. We’ll continue to work until you’re happy with the quality of our services









Work with the winners!

Our list of happy customers is huge and keeps growing each and every day as we deliver top-notch quality service to our clients. Our clients come from small, medium and fortune 500 companies, and they keep coming back for a reliable virtual assistant services.


Here’s What our Clients had to say about us:

Data entry services

We were swarmed with paperwork, so much so that we were positive that our firm would crash before it even grew any legs. Luckily, Perfect Data Entry came to our rescue and data management isn’t something that bothers us anymore.

Kate Kintore
best data entry services

Been using their service for a year now, and I’ve not had one single excuse to complain. Simply perfection.

Charles L. Lance
Data entry services

—was recommended the services by a friend. It seems to be very rare these days that a company has integrity, as well as delivers fast quality service, and is dedicated and fair to their clients. These are the just a few of the words I would use to define Perfectdataentry.

Jon Glaser
Data entry services

I would definitely Work with Perfectdataentry again and highly recommend their services to others, you will be more than satisfied.

Morgan E. Jolly
Data entry services

I am completely satisfied by the quality of work provided. They are incredibly competent in their abilities and have made incredible improvements. I will definitely continue to work with them for all …..

Opal W. Porter

4.7/5 - (83 votes)

Hire Dedicated Virtual Assistants

From $7/Hour

Our administrative virtual assistants will strive hard to build a great bonding with your suppliers, business partners, associates, consumers, shareholders, dealers to save time and cost. We also focus on the customization of every client to provide better solutions and excel your expectations.

To accomplish this task, we follow a series of steps:

  • Necessity analysis
  • Appropriate virtual assistant identification
  • Conspiring Service Level Agreement and assignments
  • Observing the performance
  • Reporting regularly

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