Top 4 Considerations When Choosing a Data Entry Outsourcing Provider

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Many companies are now considering outsourcing data entry tasks to reduce operational costs and increase time efficiency.

After all, in most companies data entry and processing is not their primary job. But at the same time, all companies will have at least one data entry task in this digital age. In addition, the demand for data entry will increase as the amount of data that companies create is expanding.

If hiring a data entry professional and building an in-house processing infrastructure is not feasible, outsourcing data entry may be a viable option. However, it is still essential to find the right data entry service provider for outsourcing. This guide will discuss the main points to consider

When Choosing a Data Entry Outsourcing Provider, Consider Key Points

The main advantage of the outsourcing data entry process is relatively straightforward: reducing your operating costs. You do not need to hire in-house staff to enter the data, and you can eliminate the cost of training these staff and the cost of primary investment.

However, some significant concerns prevent many companies from outsourcing data entry processes:

1. Data security

One of the main concerns of data entry outsourcing is the need to share your confidential data with the vendor of the data entry service, which will translate into potential risks for data breaches and other issues. Therefore, when choosing between different data entry service providers, it is vital to re-examine the service provider’s competence in terms of data security and whether it has maintained the best data security practices.

2. Identify Your Requirements

This is true if you are outsourcing your data entry processes to overseas professionals. When your external data entry staff fails to understand your language and more, language barriers and cultural differences can become a big problem. In addition, the issue of understanding the tone of your workers is also expected and prominent. Choose a data entry service provider with enough experience working with clients in your geographic area to solve this problem.

3. Lack of focus

It is common for outsourcing companies to work with more than one client at a time, and when they cannot manage their time correctly, this can lead to your business failing to pay full attention to your needs. Suppose you are working with certified and experienced vendors. However, this should not be a problem.

4. Inconsistencies and errors

This outsourcing is not limited to data entry but is a concern of any outsourcing in general. You have no direct control over the people you “hire,” so there is always the possibility of jobs going bad and inconsistencies. But, again, this should not be a problem if you choose a company with a proven track record.

Key points when choosing a data entry outsourcing provider

The above four issues, it is crucial to consider these five factors when choosing the right data entry service provider for your business:

1. Check your vendor’s security measures

Again, data security is critical, mainly if your business includes confidential and structured data (i.e., client financial data). You are about to share this personal data with the data entry service provider, an external organization. Therefore, you need to understand the supplier’s security infrastructure and correctly implement the best cybersecurity practices to suit your needs.

If you work in a highly regulated healthcare industry as you work. Choose an ISO-certified data entry company and comply with the GDPR if you serve in the European market.

2. Determine your needs

Your business is unique, so your data entry processing needs will be memorable.

Determine the data entry requirements for your business before committing to a data entry service provider. For example, if your data entry process requires advanced accounts or specific data processing, you should look for a company that can offer this service specifically.

Also, consider whether you need 24/7 customer support. Dedicated customer support may cost you more, but if your data entry/data processing is often time-sensitive and error-prone, it can be a worthwhile investment.

Last but not least, if the data entry process requires specific software or technology (such as OCR), make sure the vendor uses the latest technology that can meet those requirements.

3. Potential ROI

Remember that the primary goal of outsourcing your data entry process should be to improve cost efficiency. So, accurately calculate how much it can cost for a data entry outsourcing service to reduce operating costs.

This may vary depending on your data entry process, but you should generally calculate how much it will cost to perform data entry tasks in the organization. Then, when weighing different third-party vendors, use this number as a comparison.

Quite obvious, but make sure you hire a vendor who improves cost-efficiency.

4. Reputation and experience

Nowadays, we can easily find all kinds of products and companies online.

Do in-depth research on your plan to partner with an outsourcing supplier. Check out online reviews and testimonials (if there are none, this is the red flag) and, if possible, contact their former customers to confirm the sellers’ claims.

You need to make sure that your data entry outsourcing provider is financially stable so that you can ensure that they stay up to date with the necessary infrastructure and resources.


As we can see, the advantages of outsourcing data outweigh the disadvantages. Even if you have concerns before outsourcing your data entry process, you can solve most challenges by choosing a well-established and experienced data entry service provider with a proven track record.

Stress, chaos, and frustration don’t have to be the norm anymore.

Stop spending countless hours every week on tasks someone else can do for you. Contact us today to discover how you can reclaim your schedule, focus on what matters, and achieve the growth you deserve.

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