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The thriving e-Publishing industry has substantially increased the demand for ebook data entry services. Perfect Data Entry has been a significant player in providing affordable and competent ePub conversion and data entry services. We have successfully published several ePub books which are compatible across Amazon, Noble, Kobo, Ingram, Google Books, Apple Books, and Barnes and Noble.

We make sure that your digital book is in a presentable state for your potential readers. With our ePub services, you can convert your digital or textbook into any format (PDF, HTML, Quark, MS Word, Indesign, or RTF) you desire. Whatever your potential audience may be, whether it is Kindle, Tables, I phone or google library, we’ve got you covered.

With Perfect Data Entry we take care of everything that makes your book reader friendly and appealing to your readers. All you focus on is what you as a writer are good at-writing, we take care of the rest.

At Perfect Data Entry, you get the most reliable eBook data entry and processing services at an unparalleled price. With us, you not only save time crunching data but also save around 30-60% of your operation cost.

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